VZ. 61 Pistol (.380 Auto) with threaded barrel

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The .380 Auto VZ. 61 Pistol is the semi-automatic version of the original 7.65mm Browning caliber Sa vz. 61 submachine gun.

The original Sa VZ. 61 submachine gun (machine pistol) was designed in the late 1950´s in Czechoslovakia and was intended for use with reconnaissance units, tank crews, Special Forces, and for security forces of the Ministry of Interior. The vz. 61 was developed to fulfill a specific need: a firearm that could be worn like a pistol (in a holster) and capable of full automatic fire.  

.380acp cal vz. 61 Pistols utilize polycarbonate for the magazine body - specifically TARFLON IR2500.  This is an extremely tough material that is impact and wear resistant.   It is the same material used in 5.56x45 mm vz. 58 magazines.   Two magazines are included with the pistol - both the 2nd generation waffle type pattern (as shown in the photos).


The threaded barrel is 1/2x28 and includes the thread protector. CzechPoint worked with Czech Small Arms to develop a threaded barrel that does not utilize a thread adapter. This was accomplished by enlarging the outside diameter (O.D.) of the barrel which requires enlarging the trunnion hole diameter that accepts the barrel. The barrel O.D. was enlarged to the fullest extent, but ultimately the O.D. is limited due to the size of the trunnion. The outside diameter of the barrel measures .550 inches so there is a shoulder for indexing a sound suppressor. Czech Small Arms used the thread guide from Advanced Armament Corp. to design this threaded barrel. 

Pistol is a semi-automatic pistol and is not allowed by US law to have a folding stock unless the proper paperwork is completed and approved by the BATFE (all NFA rules apply).

* The .380 Auto VZ. 61 Pistol does have drilled and tapped holes in the lower frame for attaching the folding stock mounting plate.

* VZ. 61 Pistols are assembled with original surplus parts that have seen military service.  Czech Small Arms handpicks the best condition surplus parts from parts on hand and refinished these parts.  With that said, please keep in mind that these are used parts and they may exhibit dings and/or scratches under the new finish.   

* The VZ. 61 design incorporates cocking knobs that slide against the upper receiver.  For this reason, you WILL see scratches in the upper receiver paint when handcycling and/or shooting the pistol.  

The .380 Auto VZ. 61 Pistol includes the following: Hard case, two 20 rd. magazines, bore brush, and paper manual. Also included, AR buffer tube with Shockwave FDE collapsing arms brace!

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