Liberty A-Kaotic Suppressor

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Liberty Suppressors has teamed up with Krebs Custom to bring you the ultimate in AK Suppressed shooting: The "A-Kaotic".
Krebs Custom has been providing high end, accurate AKs since the mid-80s and continues to allow US residents the opportunity to own the finest Russian-based AKs with the highest overall quality and attention to detail available. 
With this pedigree, the Krebs KV-13 (Mod 2) and AC-15 are the perfect match for the new Liberty A-Kaotic. From its Titanium tube to its Stainless Steel core with Inconel blast baffle, the reliability of the Chaotic has always been the ideal suppressor partner for the AK platform. The A-Kaotic takes this heritage and builds on it with its custom-designed quick-detach mount built specifically to work with the Krebs Interchangable Muzzle System. 
The A-Kaotic is available in limited quantities
NOTE:  This unit is designed to be compatible with Krebs Custom ASSNECK, AC-15, AC -15 Mod 2, and KV-13 Mod 2 rifles, as well as our I.M.S. System.   It is NOT recommended for installation on the 24mm threads found on many AK front sights, since these front sight threads may have "concentricity" issues with regard to the bore of the rifle, leading to damage to the suppressor and/or injury to shooter or nearby persons.    If you wish to use this suppressor we STRONGLY recommend that you have your local gunsmith install one of our IMS System units, and check concentricity with the proper equipment.

Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
Length: 7"
Diameter: 2”
Material: Titanium tube / Stainless steel core
Weight: Approximately 27 oz
Approx. DB Reduction: 24dB – 30dB
Finish: Type “C” Cerakote
Mounting Type: Krebs I.M.S. (Interchangeable Muzzle System)


E-mail us and ask about "package" pricing for the purchase of a KV-13 Mod2 and Liberty A-Kaotic!
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